Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Planted Bulbs

Yellow ranunculus and white freesias with blue forget-me-nots

Have you planted bulbs yet? If you want a foolproof, spectacular display of spring color, plant bulbs this fall!

Dutch Iris
Choose these varieties for flowers that will return year after year in Southern California:
- Dutch iris
- Freesia
- Daffodils

Others that are beautiful but usually need to be planted every year are:
- Ranunculus
- Anemone

Bulbs that need pre chilling in Socal:
- Tulips
- Hyacinths

Bulb planting tips:

- Plant at depth indicated for bulb type
- Add fertilizer at time of planting
- Overseed planting area with spring blooming annuals such as California poppy, alyssum, bachelor buttons, forget-me-nots, etc.
- Plant in groups of 8 - 10 bulbs or larger swaths for best displays
- For natural look, toss bulbs onto soil and plant where they land rather than in rows
- Plant in between perennials to disguise the dying foliage after bloom
- After bloom let foliage completely die before cutting off if you want bulbs to return the next year (the leaves produce the food that the bulb stores for the next year's growth)
Freesia underplanted with forget-me-nots and chrysanthemum

Happy Gardening!

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