Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Obelisk

What to do with your garden obelisks in winter?
Create a fun and beautiful Christmas decoration!

Supplies needed:
1.  Garden obelisk (I used metal, but wood would also work.)
2.  4 small cups or votive candle holders filled with sand, clay or melted wax.
3.  Green garland (I used artificial, but real evergreens would work also.)
4.  Assorted holiday decorations:  pinecones, holly, small Christmas ornaments, etc.
5.  Ribbon (1/4" satin and 1 1/2" wired ribbon) and craft wire.

Fasten garland to obelisk
How to:
1.  Place bottom ends of obelisk in cups/votive candle holders filled with sand, clay or melted wax (so that the sharp ends do not damage your furniture or floor).
2.  Attach garland to obelisk by wrapping wire around garland and leg of obelisk about every 8".
3.  Attach holiday decorations to garland/obelisk with wire.
4.  Hang ornaments on cross bars of obelisk with 1/4" ribbon.
5.  Make large bow with 1 1/2" ribbon and wire to top of obelisk.

Wire or hang ornaments on obelisk


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