Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wine Barrel Gardening

Don't want to dig?  Have bad soil?  Small or no garden?
Wine Barrels are the answer!

Six Easy Steps to Create a Wine Barrel Garden:

1.  Find sunny spot in the garden or patio (6 hours of sun a day).
2.  Measure area to determine how many 1/2 wine barrels will fit (Each is 26" in diameter).
3.  Purchase wine barrels, potting soil, plants, and fertilizer (3.5 cu. ft. of soil for each 1/2 wine barrel).  Usually materials can be found at most large home improvement stores or nurseries.
4.  Drill 3 or 4 1" holes in bottom of wine barrel.
5.  Fill wine barrel with potting soil and mix in fertilizer according to package directions.
6.  PLANT!!!  Dwarf fruit trees, veggies, herbs, flowers....the choices are endless!

Suggestions for a 6 Barrel Edible Wine Barrel Garden (Space required 7' x 7'):
Barrel 1 - Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree
Barrel 2 - Herbs (parsley, thyme, basil, sage, cilantro, dill, are my favorites)
Barrel 3 - Assorted lettuces
Barrel 4 - Assorted peppers
Barrels 5 & 6 - Tomatoes (1 per barrel, edged with marigolds)

Happy Gardening!


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