Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winter Vegetable Gardens

Assorted Greens in December
My winter veggie garden is in full swing right now!  I planted seeds in October and have been enjoying lettuces, arugula, and kale salads virtually every night for dinner.  Today the carrots sown in October were ready for harvest.  The peas, not planted until late November, are blossoming and should be ready to harvest in a couple of weeks.  Onions and beets will take a little longer.  It's not too late to plant a winter veggie garden in Southern California.  Here's what to plant:

Cool Season Veggies:
Lettuces                   Broccoli                            Spinach                   Potatoes
Arugula                   Cauliflower                       Beets                       Onion (short day)
Kale                          Brussel sprouts               Carrots                   Garlic
Spinach                    Peas                                   Radishes

Carrots and Kale, planted from seed in October

Happy Winter Gardening!

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